Day 1

Arrival in Minsk. Reception at the airport. On the way to the hotel, the guide provides you with the information about the city Minsk. Check-in at the hotel Vesta. Free time

Day 2

8.00  a.m. - Breakfast.

At 9.30 a.m.-10.00a.m. Departure for the excursion «Monuments of Mir and Nesvizh». Providing with the travel information on the way. Return to the Hotel 7.30 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

10.00 a.m.-12.20 p.m. - transfer to Mir. Exploring and visit to The Mir Castle Complex — the architectural monument of the16th century which is  listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Since December 2010, in the castle 39 (NB!) new halls have been opened, so now besides the already available the Southwestern tower and the chapel-burial vault of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky (a family of Russian and Polish nobility) you are invited to visit the Northern building, Central, Northeast and Northwest towers. New exhibitions are dedicated to the former owners of the castle, and also the wars that took place at various times on Belarusian lands. In some rooms the original interior has been reconstructed. Exploring of the Spassky Chapel-burial vault, which was built by the last owners of the castle, the princes Svyatopolk-Mirsky. Free time (lunch is extra charged)

3.20 p.m.— Transfer to Nesvizh. A sightseeing tour of Nesvizh. The tour provides you with the information about the history of one of the most influential families of The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth – (the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania )- The Radziwiłł family who left  profound imprint  on the cultural heritage of Belarusian people. The Market Square, the building of the town hall and the old shopping arcade, Slutskaya Brama - the preserved entry gate of the 17th century.

Visiting of the palace and park complex of the 16th century, built according to the project of the Italian architect Giovanni Maria Bernardoni, a walk in the old park.

Exploring of the Farny Сathedral Сhurch of Nesvizh (the 16th century, by D.M. Bernardoni) - one of the first baroque buildings in Europe. The vault located in the underground of the cathedral — the 3rd in the world in terms of burial sites quantity, this church is classified as the most valuable in

Belarus. After exploring the palace chambers, you can have a walk through the amazingly beautiful old park - a silent witness to the history of Lithuania and Belarus uncrowned kings.

Free time (lunch is extra charged).

6 p.m.-7.30 p.m.-Return to the hotel.

Day 3

8 a.m. - Breakfast.

At 9.30 Departure for a sightseeing tour of Minsk. You can get closer acquainted with the capital of Belarus, appreciate its beauty and learn the history, walk and drive around the most interesting places and listen to a tour guide's fascinating story.

The theme of the excursion is the history of Minsk from its origin to today:

The historical center of Minsk - Freedom Square and the Upper Town: there you will see the town hall, gymnasium building, governor's house, old churches, Polish Roman Catholic churches,  monasteries.

The old Trinity Suburb is a “mirror” of Minsk of the 19th century. You will also learn about the tragedy of the inhabitants of the city during the Great Patriotic War - three long years of occupation, one of the largest ghettos in the USSR, every third dead ... Unique, iconic architecture of the main street - a monument of urban planning art. You will also find out the history of the Lower and Upper Town, especially the creation of the Palace of the Republic, a new Station and the new Library ... You will find out the names of architects and urban planners, who created and are creating our city: from Joseph Langbard to V. Kramarenko and M.

Vinogradov. You will see a dynamic today's look of Minsk.

The tour includes a visit to:

· Independence Square,

· Trinity suburb

· Freedom Square

Nemiga, The Island of Courage and Sorrow (also known as the Island of Tears)

Visiting of Church of Saints Simon and Helena  also known as the Red Church

Excursion time: 3 hours

Free time after the tour. Lunch at the national restaurant (extra charged)

Day 4

8.00 a.m. - Breakfast.

At 9.00 a.m. -  Departure for an excursion to Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies Dudutki.

Excursion - let you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of culture and life of the Belarusian gentry homestead with traditional crafts.

An amazing journey waits for you: - tasting home-brew, riding a horse, miller's treats. 

DUDUTKI - one of the most visited museums in Belarus, a museum-skansen. Created in 1995 through the efforts of enthusiasts led by E. Budinas, this ethnographic Museum is now one of the most visited in Belarus!

Monuments of national life, the avaliable workshops of the Belarusian estate (the 19th century) are waiting for you during this tour. And then you will see the only operating windmill in Belarus, visit the pottery workshop, visit the old forge of the 19th century, the traditional workshop of carpentry, a picturesque bakery, an exhibition of antique cars. And everywhere - ethnographic surroundings and interactive action. In addition, there is a stable with Oryol trotters, ostriches, wild boars and other animals. You will also have an opportunity to have a ride in on old carriages and horse cabs. You will visit a picturesque glade for picnics, you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of a gentry homestead.

During the tour, 3 tasting sessions await you: - at the moonshine still (moonshine, bread, pickles, honey)

- in the bakery (freshly baked bread, 3 types of cheeses, butter, tea)

- at the mill (rustic bread with lard)

There you can buy  tourism souvenirs, take beautiful photos.

LUNCH in Belarusian folk style (extra charged).

Free time. Then departure to Dukorski maentak.

In the XVI century, the MANOR IN DUKOR was part of the possessions of the princes Sapeg, Zavis, Oginsky. Later, when the estate, was owned by Frantisk Osthorp and his son Leon (1786-1851), the estate flourished. In the 20th century the manor fell into disrepair, now the new owners of the manor breathed life into it anew, creating the tourist complex. The story of the restoration and development prospects of the complex, a visit to the museum of available handicraft workshops (pottery, candle and doll making, forge), the Dukorsky with tasting of traditional alcohol, a visit to Inverted house and a britzka ride- all this awaits you in Dukor.

What's, we recommend to have a walk to the 400-year-old oak tree to recharge your batteries.

LUNCH in Belarusian folk style (extra charged).

Free time. Then departure to the Hotel. Return to the Hotel 7.30 p.m.

Day 5

8.00 a.m. Breakfast.

At 9.30 a.m. Departure to the airport.

Additional Information

Included in the tour price:

• Accommodation in the "Sanatorium Vesta" with 4 meals a day, visiting one of

therapists, gym and phytoaromatherapy.

• Excursion service according to the program with entrance tickets to museums:

• Excursion to The Mir Castle Complex 

• Excursion to Nesvizh castle

• Excursion to Dudutki

• Excursion to Dukorsky maentak

• Accompanying throughout the entire route

• Transport service

Paid separately:

• Medical insurance

• Airplane tickets

• City hotel tax

• Lunch during the excursions on request (15-20 euro)

• Travel by city transport in the city if necessary

Price per room per night for one person single room

Price per room per night for double  room for one person

700 euro 650 euro



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